Deep thoughts from Bunn Aldrin, The Society’s unofficial official mascot

by | May 16, 2017 | Interview, Member, Portland, The Society

Our Mistress of Diacritics got a chance to sit down with Bunn Aldrin to uncover what makes this visionary tick. While his current research remains classified, he was able to share some thoughts on relativity as well as tricks for surviving a busy schedule.

MOD: So, I understand you’ve been designing new tools for measuring space-time. How will this affect human life as we know it?

BA: All I can say is that gravitational lensing is going next level.

MOD: Can we look forward to traveling at the speed of light any time soon?

BA: One day I fit 20 marshmallows in my mouth at once. It makes you aware of the body’s limitations. Space travel is no different.

MOD: Can you be more specific?

BA: I’ve seen the same supernova explode four times. You know what I mean.

MOD: How do you find balance between your career and personal life?

BA: I consume a lot of beta carotene, for starters. That keeps my eyesight sharp so I don’t miss anything. Details matter. I also schedule time for myself, like actually in my calendar. That sounds really Type A, but it works.

MOD: Interesting. What type of self-care helps you rejuvenate?

BA: I really like hiding in closets and eating shoe laces. Ever tried it?

MOD: Can’t say I have.

BA: Sometimes to be an out-of-the-box thinker, you have to be comfortable IN a box. Then you can eat your way out.