Cozy Core Renegade
Dani Richardson

Inspired by the wonders of nature and the free spirit of play, Dani creates spaces that foster connections and offer comfort. She provides holistic design knowledge to the projects she works on, having experience in everything from senior housing, and retail, to city planning and Buddhist temples. Often found surrounded by piles of yarn, Dani has an inherent desire to create cozy, inviting environments. Although she considers herself a renegade who excels at working independently, Dani truly thrives when her clients share her vision and are open to new ideas. It’s in these moments when both parties invest in a project, allowing themselves to be vulnerable, that Dani finds creative collaboration to be most successful. It can be hard for her to believe she’s fortunate enough to be paid for her creative endeavors, but the real reward for Dani is the opportunity to watch her designs come to life, transforming spaces into artful settings that invite people to discover and explore.