Northern Quest Hotel

spokane, wa

Welcoming, relaxed, and elegantly upscale, Northern Quest hotel and casino is situated in Spokane, Washington. Connected to but not located on the tribal land of the Kalispel peoples, Northern Quest weds itself to the history and traditions of the tribe while shifting the focus of the space’s design to reflect the vibrant and modern state of the tribe today. Done dwelling in the past, the Kalispel tribe see a bright future ahead of them, a future that is reflected by Northern Quest’s thriving design.
Throughout the hotel, subtle nods to Kalispel culture and hospitality can be seen in the hand-picked, often hand-crafted, artwork and décor that transform guest rooms and other shared spaces into comfortable respites from the chaos and activity of the casino’s gaming floor.
Light wood tones derived from trees and other natural features on tribal land, as well as woven fabrics that honor artisan crafts and emulate traditional blankets and beadwork without copying those designs provide touchpoints linking the interior spaces to the rich culture of the tribe. In the corridors and hallways, custom carpeting displays written excerpts of the Salish language, discussing the two types of traditional canoes – dugout and sturgeon – utilized by the Kalispel for their annual canoe journey undertaken with neighboring indigenous peoples. In both the guest rooms and corridors, sconces displaying hanging, jewelry-like light fixtures nod to Pend Orielle, the French words that translate to “earloop” or “hangs from ears,” which refer to the shell and bone earrings traditionally worn by the Kalispel people.