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Moxy Asheville


North Carolina

Traditional Southern Charm gets a new twist. This Downtown Asheville property infuses local bohemian art culture with a little Moxy grit. In­­tentional details and playful touches are hidden throughout, making this a space where guests are truly encouraged to explore. As a nod from prominent historic landmarks, classic millwork details serve as an unexpected canvas for local artists to layer an urban touch. The captivating custom lounge seating is inspired by the community’s weekly drum circle – Interweaving suspended ropes hint towards the lashing of a drum, while the inviting circular form is in harmony with the energy of the neighborhood. Local influences continue overhead as the featured art installation is reminiscent of falling foliage, capturing the gradation and movement of the Blue Ridge Mountain landscape in it’s most iconic season. With this multilayered experience, you might agree that guests will come for the craft beer, but stay for the craft details.